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TS&Co., Inc.

TS&Co. is a management professional firm that supports you to win ideals of leaders.
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TS&Co., Inc.

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Our mission and value proposition is "Win ideals of leaders with management power. Leaving the leaders who succeeded the management power."
We are currently operating a holding company and managing business consulting business as a professional management company striding forward together with our client and to win their ideals so that our customers choose us for our ability to increase their company value.

We believe that we are different from our competitors because we increase value of (1) own company as managers, (2) portfolios companies as investors (operation of holding company), and (3) client company as management consultants (management consulting business) for indefinite period of time.

(1) In terms of improving the corporate value of the own company, our first fiscal year (since Aug. 2020) was profitable, and in the second quarter of the second fiscal year, the theoretical corporate value on an intrinsic value basis has exceeded by 12 times.

(2)In holding company management business we make business investments alone or jointly with co-investors, and work together with investee companies to increase corporate value, expecting this will create a great synergy of the company group. We are currently in constant negotiations for investment.

(3) In management consulting business, we provide CEO functions (dispatch of professional CEOs) and CEO advisory functions (dispatch of CEO teams including CFOs, general managers of corporate planning offices, and corporate planning staff, M&amg;A advisory, and support for independent and in-house start-ups) on a very high contingent fee system basis to improve the corporate value of clients. Since its establishment, the company has received all requests from clients. Since its first business launch our consulting project teams have fulfilled 100% of requests by CEOs and presidents (as of September 13, 2021).

In the future, we will continue to meet the demand of CEOs and presidents in supporting and solving their business issues by providing optimal services through our holding company management business and management consulting business.
500 million yen or less
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500 million yen or less

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500 million yen or less
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Since our establishment in August 2020, we have completed four M&A transactions as an investor, as a management consultant, and as a management professional firm with a strength to increase corporate value.
(M&A example that can be released: Transfer of all shares by More-Selections Inc. to Pasona Group Inc. and other companies)

We will continue to actively provide M&A support to help CEOs and presidents resolve their business issues.
We are also looking for M&A opportunities with SI/SES companies, marketing-related companies, and human resource companies that bring additional value to our clients that we have cultivated through our holding company management business and management consulting business.

We would like to think through what contribution we can make for you and we will stride forward together with our clients and to win their ideals.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.