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Geniee, Inc.

Geniee, Japan's No.1 marketing tech company in Japan seeking SaaS projects to be Asia's No.1!
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Geniee, Inc.

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Service/ Utilities/ Advertisement Advertisement/ Publication IT/ Software/ Communication Software Development
Feature / Strength
Our goal is to be the Asia's No.1 technology company. We are looking for partners who can cooperate with us in the following two areas in order to achieve this goal.

●Development of products (SaaS) in marketing technology and related areas
We are looking for companies that are developing SaaS in marketing-related areas that can create new values by collaboration with our products.

We are especially interested in e-tools such as workflow, business cards, sales training, web negotiation, and business chat to complement our business portfolio. Naturally companies developing SFA and MA for marketing purposes will also be good candidates for our future partners.

We believe that companies with customer base mainly consists of medium-sized companies (just like Geniee) will be good partner because it will be easier for both parties to sell products to other party's customers.

●Expansion of sales and marketing channels throughout Japan
We would like to expand our sales and marketing channels across the country by inviting SaaS/IT sales companies with nation-wide sales channels to our group. You do not have to have offices in every one of 47 prefectures. We more than welcome companies with sales channels consists of 2 or 3 shops in major cities like Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.
10 billion yen or more
Net assets
1 billion yen to 5 billion yen

Prospective Partner

IT/ Software/ Communication Software Development
Transfer Of Stock (100%) Capital Alliance
1 billion yen to 5 billion yen
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We have an excellent team of engineers who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit to "change the world with products from Japan", whose skills so sophisticated that they are eligible to work at world's largest platform companies. They are working hard to improve the value of our services every day. We believe that such high technical skills will contribute to the value of your products.

Our "Chikyu," a CRM/SFA system is a very good example of our spirit. When the system first joined our group in 2018, it only provided very limited number of functions at the lowest price in the industry. However since then, utilizing its easy-to-use interface, we have added so many functions that it is now as good as those of the largest oversea majors. As a consequence, we have significantly increased number of our clients, and as we increased the unit price of the Chikyu's account threefold to tenfold, the sales amount has grown by several dozen times.

We will do our best to support companies which do not have sufficient number of engineers to enhance functions of their system products and increase company value, and those without business know-how to make entry into the world market..

It is always great to see your own idea turns into new products used all over the world. The other day, someone even told me that he was recommended Chikyu system by a local company in Singapore. We are determined to find new partners by March 2021, whom we can share such great experience with..

Geniee has the best staff who have addressed many issues that most technology companies have to go through. We want you to achieve your company's mission, and wish you do not have to go through the hardships that Genie has already experienced in the past 10 years. We would be happy have partners to create a good products and go into the world market together.

We can be flexible about types of M&A we deal. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.