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We build & renovate food factories and functional warehouses with original designs & skills.
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Sanwa General Contractor is a comprehensive construction company that celebrated its 74th anniversary in 2021. With a large number of achievements in the construction of production and logistics facilities, condominiums, commercial facilities, and civil engineering work for government agencies, we enjoy long relationship with major prestigious companies including as Suntory, Sugimura Warehouse, Paramount Beds, Yodogawa Steel Works, and Nichirei Foods.
Our 70 years of experience and expertise with major food manufacturers has recently enabled us to launch FACTAS®", a complete tailor-made solution service to increase values of food factories, developed with the eyes of our clients.

We have also been engaged in many condo project. Our "SI®200," an innovative design that separates the building structure from the interior and facilities to ensure the longevity of the entire building was certified as the nation's first model project of excellent housing for long-term use by MLIT (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010.

In 2017, we launched the RiSOKO® brand, which undertakes the complete custom-made design and construction of special-purpose warehouses (warehouses for hazardous materials or frozen or refrigerated items, automated warehouses) .

Since its very first establishment, our sincerity has earned the strong trust of the clients. However, business policy alone is not enough to make us prominent enterprise. We believe we cannot survive with too many range of business scope, so we decided to focus on certain fields to stay as a company that "creates creators" and company that lasts for good.

Our competitors vary from major, medium and small-sized general contractors, house builders, engineering companies, and design firms, but we are striving to be a clear winner in three major fields, food factories, condos, and special warehouses.

We are a construction company, but what we offer is not just an architecture items. Most of our customers are small and medium-sized companies, and we know that having their own company building is a once-in-decades project on which they stake their future. So we must make the most of their investment. Our mission is to deeply understand the customer's business and working/management environment on the site, and realize the value that our clients truly needs, rather than simply accepting what our customer claims they need.
Construction is a valuable business that directly affects the interests of society and customers. What we offer cannot be offered by others.
10 billion yen or more
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5 billion yen to 10 billion yen

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Since the establishment and toward the 100th anniversary, Sanwa General Contractor has been and will always be the company that "Create creators®", believing the personnel matters most.

Same goes with our capital and business alliances policy. We have sincerely valued and respected management philosophies of our partners in order to facilitate compatibility between two different company cultures and create the best synergies from the alliance, looking towards the future development of our Group after the alliance and happy working environment for employees.

Ogawa Densetsu (Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, electrical equipment installation), Woodlife Core Co., ltd. (Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, custom-built detached wooden houses), SOFC ENGINEERING,LTD (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, production engineering), Agec (Osaka City, construction management), and other construction companies have already joined our group and are expanding their businesses by synergy effects.
We work to unify the group in various fields, including recruitment. We have started recruitment of newly graduates as a group, and top executives of group companies have served as lectors of our in-house university, SANWA Academy.

We aim for further company development based on our extensive M&A experience and the win-win policy. Please feel free to consult with Sanwa Contractor.