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LTS, DX supporter, seeks companies with IT consultants/engineers/system support experience.
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Robotics, AI, and business process management are the three pillars of LTS. We support to transform your business operation, innovate work style, and implement DX. The company was first established in 2002 before listed on the TSE Mothers in 2017 and First section of TSE in July 2020. It is now operating two businesses: "Professional Services business" and "Platform development".

Professional Services business mainly focuses on professional business consulting, including business and organizational reforms, concept planning, implementation, and support of IT introduction projects, as well as the human resources regions such as visualization of business productivity.

We have also focused on digital technology services (RPA, cloud integration, etc.) to meet the industry demand which is rapidly increasing. We were the first in the industry to introduce RPA for task atomization and AI for personal reception to make a good achievement in the field.

In addition to these project-based services, we also offer long-term support services. In this field, we run side-by-side with you and provide daily support for your big, medium, and small-scale renovation you are to make, instead of once-in-a-decade major reform.

When you want to create a new customer base, you will need to conduct a wide variety of activities such as making business strategies, reorganizing business processes, and rebuilding data bases. We keep an eye on the entire process of these activities and provide a one-stop support service in cooperation with external partners as necessary.

In the platform development field, we have launched "Assign Navi," matching platform to bring IT staffing companies and customers/projects, and "Consultant Job," a project introduction service for freelance IT consultants, and "CS Clip,"(July 2020) a matching service to bring project companies and DX companies. All these services are operated by one of our subsidiary, Assign Navi Inc.

We have launched our medium-term management plan (Dec. 2021-Dec. 2024) with a goal to become "the best partner in this age of digital".

Digital development is rapidly changing the social structure. Companies are now expected to do more than achieving renovate projects. They must make big and small renovations every day, learn, and create positive and sustainable business cycle for the future. We fully recognize these changes, and will further expand our all-round task team with a variety set of skills to deliver our value demanded by our ever-increasing clients.

Most of our clients are super-large trading and financial companies with a large number of subsidiaries. We need a broader skill set to meet their various needs.

We will also enhance our value chain in Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto pref.) and Tokai (Aichi/Shizuoka pref.) areas as well as Tokyo metropolitan area. Furthermore we will aggressively expand our services to small and medium-sized companies.
5 billion yen to 10 billion yen
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1 billion yen to 5 billion yen

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1 billion yen to 5 billion yen 500 million yen to 1 billion yen 500 million yen or less 
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Within 3 Months
We are actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions to strengthen our business structure. While we intend to continue hiring our own consultants and data scientists, we are looking to get more help from IT professionals outside the company.

We welcome companies with IT consultants, engineers, and help hands for tool/system operation support. Our scope includes ERP as well as cloud migration support and cloud integration.

We prefer companies in the Tokyo metropolitan/Kansai/Tokai areas with 30 or more employees.

When considering M&&A, we pay close attention to the culture of the candidate company, to see if it fits nicely with ours, just like when we try to recruit new employee. You need to be a skilled worker, but more than that, you have to have a sincerity and team-building commitment to make a best partner. We are eager to come forward with executives who share the same policy.

We have welcomed new members through mergers and acquisitions in the past: in September 2019, WAKUTO (SES company) ; in January 2020, IoToi Japan Corporation ( matching business involved in IoT business startups); and in December 2020, Softek (software development company) joined the group. These companies have increased strength of each other, and expanded their possibilities.

Our new partners will be able to provide a wider range of services enabled by our comprehensive capabilities.

They can also join LTS's projects or take advantage of various in-house systems for employees for better career. We value employees' wishes when making decision as to where he or she is to be assigned. We also offer partner employees to work at Dream Incubator Inc., our shareholder, or study at oversea business schools.

Another advantage for our employees is to be able to earn social credibility by joining a publicly listed company.

LTS has grown to be a larger company, and is planning to relocate to a bigger office. You can work with us at our new office if you wish.

LTS has been building a mobile team instead of rigid hierarchical ones. We aim to build a team in which each member play their role as leaders when necessary, just like a soccer teams. This is because we believe in this way we can make much more fun place to work in. This goes same with group companies we have acquired through M&A. We trust each other and learn from each other to establish a collegial relationship.

Let us have an interview with you. Please tell me more about your company, characteristics, establishment philosophy, and future visions. If you feel a good chemistry, share the same policy in customer service or the same belief in people's potential with us, we would be happy to start building the best possible business relationship. We look forward to hearing from you!