Himawari M&A Space

M&A and Capital/Business Alliance Consultation for Sellers

If you have any questions about M&A or are interested in capital/business alliance, please feel free to contact us.

Are you in need of help, because ;

  • You have no successor for your company.
  • You are in financial difficulties to carry out employee succession.
  • You want to further expand the scope/scale of your business.
  • You have partnership in your mind as a means of company growth.

In such cases, how about an M&A or capital/business alliance?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest at all.
Our consultation services are free of charge.
We assure all information you provide will stay strictly and completely confidential.

Benefits Himawari M&A Space provides for sellers considering M&A or capital/business alliance:

  • Free consultation service on company's value (equity value).
  • Easy search service to find buyers that match sellers' needs.
  • Buyer information available only for registered sellers (login required).
  • Direct communication with buyers through the site.
  • Free consultation service by experienced M&A experts from a wide variety of fields (mega banks, audit firms, venture capitals, etc.).
  • All services are completely free of charge, regardless of M&A or capital/business alliance conclusion(Sellers are requested to inform Himawari Partners when the contract is closed.).

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