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M&A matching platform directly connects you
to prospective buyers
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What you can do with Himawari M&A Space
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  • Make offers directly to buyers.
  • Post your sales info
    and receive offers from buyers.
  • Enjoy charge-free platform until the deal is closed.
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  • Post M&A needs of your companies for free.
  • Make offers to M&A sales projects after free registration.
  • Pay platform usage fees only if and when your deal is closed.
Features of Himawari M&A Space
Completely free for sellers
There are no registration or monthly fees, so you can easily search for potential buyers for free.
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Buyer and seller can make mutual offers
Himawari M&A Space lists real names of buyers who are active in M&A.
You can receive offers directly from sellers.
*In order to receive offers from sellers, buyers must register their needs.
*You can choose to register as an anonymous user instead of using your real name. Please contract us for details.
The company is operated by an M&A brokerage firm, and sales consultations are readily available!
Himawari M&A Space is operated by Himawari Partners Inc. with full-time M&A consultants available to provide free consultations for owners/managers who are considering about starting sales in need of company sales.
Our commission and advantages over competitive brokerage firms
Comparison with other brokers Comparison with other brokers

  • If you would like to discuss a few things about M&A.
  • If you are interested in capital and business alliances.
  • If you want to sell your company by M&A.
  • If you would like to post M&A needs as a buyer.
  • If you would like to see the sale deal.
  • If you would like to know the fee structure.